Querétaro Special Edition Football Shirt 2022 - Mexico Football Shirt

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Discover Querétaro's unique special edition football shirt, a beautiful Mexican football shirt inspired by the exciting theme of Mexican wrestling! This special Mexican football shirt from Querétaro brings together a great mix of Mexican football culture and the passion of Mexican wrestling, with dazzling designs and vibrant colours.

The special edition Querétaro football shirt is not only an ode to the club, but also to the rich traditions of Mexico. It combines the power of football with the excitement of Mexican wrestling, making it a true work of art that any fan will appreciate.

Querétaro is one of the most beloved football clubs in Mexico and has had some great footballers over the years, including Luis Hernández and Ronaldinho. The special edition football shirt commemorates these iconic players and their achievements on the field.

Order this limited edition Mexican football shirt from Querétaro now and add a valuable piece to your football collection. Don't miss this opportunity to combine your love for football and Mexican wrestling in this beautiful Mexican football shirt from Querétaro!

Product specifications

- DRY FACTOR: Absorbs moisture and keeps you dry and cool;

- NANO GUARD: Eliminates odor-causing bacteria;

- UV BLOCK: Protects against ultraviolet rays;

- Material: 100% Polyester;

- The official shirt that the players also play in.